Left to right

Martino Benvenuti (BIP, Ph.D in chemistry, 2nd year)

Israel Vergara, President of the JSM3 Committee (LCB, Ph.D in microbiology, 3rd year)

Flora Honoré, Secretary (BIP, Engineer in microbiology)

Pauline Touarin, Treasurer (LISM, Ph.D in microbiology, 2nd year)

Hanna Bismuth (LCB, Ph.D in microbiology, 1st year)

Pierre-Xavier Maziani (LBC, CEA/LCB, CNRS. Ph.D in microbiology, 3rd year)

Jean-Raphaël Fantino, Communication Manager of the JSM3. He is from the Laboratoire de Chimie Bactérienne (LCB, IMM, CNRS) and he is committed to bring his precious communication skills to make the JSM3 Congress a success.)