Keynotes of 2020 congress

We are still waiting for confirmation of full list of keynotes for 2020 congress. Follow the newest information on our website, facebook and twitter, we will announce the speakers very very soon!

Dr. Marloes PEETERS

Newcastle University, UK

Marloes is a Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University and based in the school of Engineering. Marloes is developing new biosensing platforms for the detection of a wide variety of biomolecules, ranging from small molecules, to proteins, and cells and bacteria. Her team focuses on two specific areas: design of synthetic receptors for biomolecules of interest and thermal detection methods to measure these biomolecules in biological samples.

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Green Lab Associates

Martin is passionate for sustanability and became the first full-time sustainable laboratory specialist in Europe for University of Edinburgh. He has founded Green Lab Associates and consults for variety of institutions. Martin established sustainable labs program at King's College London and has been recognized by multiple awards.

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