JSM3 2022 - New waves of thinking

The JSM3 is back! And stronger than ever! With more than 20 people in the organizing committee, now representing nearly all laboratories of the IM2B, we are happy to announce that we will see each other again in May of 2022.

Dates & Deadlines:

More informations to the JSM3 2022 can be found in the informations page.

"New waves of thinking" - JSM3 2022 theme

This year's theme is going to be "New waves of thinking". We have choosen this theme not only due to the direct connect of the sea, that we here in Marseille are lucky to have, but also on a more symbolic level to highlight the process of science, that we are all a part of.

Science lives from the constant reflection of new and old ideas, competing hypotheses and the exploration of new territories. Like waves, these new approaches are constantly evolving the scientific debate and allowing for novel insights into nature.

New waves of thinking” invites the participants to present and focus on the new idea, hypotheses or method that has allowed their project to advance and outcompete alternative theories.


As every year, we are going to invite renownd researchers to join us for the conference with their insight and guidance. We are currently in the process of contacting them and let you know, once we have found some interesting candidates.

If you know of someone in particular, that could well fit our theme "New waves of thinking" and might be available in the beginning of May, let us know.