This years theme

"New waves of thinking"

Scientific progress is a constant process of creation and termination, like waves that come and go. New ideas, hypotheses and methods are flooding the beaches of our current understanding, enriching them with nutrients, allowing them to grow and develop further. This process is at the very heart of any scientific endeavor.

This year’s JSM3 conference invites all participants to reflect on this process in their specific research area, ranging from biochemistry & molecular biology, over microbiology to all encompassing studies of environmental aspects of life.

We encourage young researchers to see the novelty in their projects

  • …What new insight in the structure of life is driving their daily laboratory experiments?

  • …What new methods allow them to observe and measure aspects that have been thought to be un-observable before?

  • …Which collaboration allowed for a completely new perspective on the field of study?

This theme also takes a look on the other side, to the ideas that vanished in the vast oceans of possibilities and that sometimes re-emerge to be reviewed under today’s eye.

  • Why was a certain belief so prominent at that time?

  • How did the old techniques were able to set the grounds for today’s progress?

New waves of thinking” is an invitation to reflect on the historical ground of generations of scientific careers. People that have given large parts of their lives to advance the field up to a point where we, young researchers are now standing on the shoulders of giants…continuing the cycle of genesis and extinction in this infinite process called science.