The JSM3 congress is what our association is all about!

Since 2015, we have been organizing meetings with up to 170 members in order to facilitate scientific exchange, form collaborations & friendships and just have a good time together.

This page is a tribute to these past conferences.

JSM3 congress 2022

"New waves of thinking"

4th afternoon, 5th and 6th of May 2022

Past Conferences

5th edition under the theme: "The scale of science" on the 15. to the 17. of May 2017

JSM3 Congress Edition 2018

4th edition on the 17. and 18. of May 2018

JSM3 Congress Edition 2017

3rd edition on the 18. and 19. of May 2017

JSM3 Congress Edition 2016

2nd edition on the 19. and 20. of May 2016

JSM3 Congress Edition 2015

1st edition on the 28. and 29. of May 2015