Every year, we invite renown researchers to join us and give us their insight and guidance.

We are happy to announce this year...


Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh, Scotland


Neurodegenerative disease and microbiota interactions

Dr. DOITSIDOU's group aims at investigating the molecular mechanisms of neuronal degeneration and the effects of gut microbiota in neurodegenerative disease.

Current studies focus on:

Dr. Tanmay BHARAT

Cambridge, England


Electron tomography of prokaryotic cell surfaces

Dr. Bharat's team uses electron tomography, combined with several structural and cell biology techniques, to study cell surfaces of prokaryotes at the atomic level. Surface molecules mediate cellular interactions with the environment and play important roles in key processes including cell adhesion, biofilm formation and antibiotic tolerance in pathogenic bacteria.

They aim to push the boundaries of cellular structural biology, with technical developments aimed at identifying molecules on cell surfaces, and resolving their high-resolution details in prokaryotic cells. While structural biology of many cell surface molecules reveals fundamental information about bacteria and archaea, our work has clear biomedical relevance, for example surface molecules allow pathogenic bacteria such as P. aeruginosa to evade antibiotics with biofilm formation.