About us


The Junior Scientists Microbiology Meeting of Marseille (JSM3) is an association created by doctoral students from Aix-Marseille University (AMU) in 2015. It was created in order to facilitate the communication between microbiology communities of in Marseille. We now gather young microbiologists that belong to newly formed Institute of Microbiology, Bioenergetics and Biotechnology (IM2B) research laboratories. 


Create an international community

Communicate about our research in the community

Promote  interdisciplinary networks

Advertise science and make it accessible


We organize a yearly scientific congress that involves all areas covered by IM2B. The congress was first conceived in 2015 and this event gave the name to the association. We cannot wait to present you the 8th edition that will take place in May 2024.

To promote communication between young scientists, especially PhD students, post-docs & engineers, we also organize seminars with informal discussions and various special events. The "AperoTalk" format was chosen to create an efficient but relaxed environment to meet young researchers from different labs and departments, learn about their research, exchange ideas, establish collaborations and find friends! 

Finally participating in the Spring of the Associations (PDA) help us meeting a broader public, especially undergraduate students. We offer them activities that are both fun and educational at the same time. 


1 - Financially support the association

If you share the same values as ours and want to support our initiative, fill in the form and pay online. All online payments are secured by our partner HelloAsso®!

2 - Volunteer work

If you want to actively participate in the board or in one of the projects of the association as a volunteer, contact us at jsm3@jsm3congress.fr.

3 - Participate in our events


Our congress is characterized by holding international features: it is carried out in English, including both poster and oral sessions, we have national and international private partners, we invite specialized and renowned speakers. Organization of the congress provides moments of conviviality and creates links of social and scientific cohesion.

Other similar congresses have attendance fees ranging from several hundred to thousand euros and are hardly affordable for students. Thanks to our partners at IM2B, CNRS and our precious sponsors we offer the opportunity for master students, doctorate, postdoctoral and senior researchers to attend a fully free event in their proximity.

All our proposed activities are also free and in line with our main goal, scientific communication and the creation of scientific links between young researchers in microbiology, bioenergetics and biotechnology.