Here, you can find memories of last congresses as well as other souvenirs of last committees.

Talk Prize winner in 2022 Julian BULSSICO for his presentation on "Single-phage techniques to study waves of phage epidemics in the presence of antibiotics

JSM3 committee during the congress

JSM3 brings many scientists together.

For young researchers to present their work in front of a large audience is a major skill to be aquired.

Getting in contact with AMU students at the "Printemps des Associations (PDA)"

Industrial communicate about their products with students

Poster presentation

Grosseron stand in 2018

Meeting with industries in 2018

AperoTalk in 2021 are always of great interest.

This artwork by Annalisa Pierro, was the first official logo of the AperoTalk series.

This artwork by Annalisa Pierro has been used for the programs of the 5th edition of the JSM3 congress.

For the third AperoTalk ever on Giant viruses, this beautiful artwork by Julián Bulssico sparked the interest of all IM2B members.

The AperoTalk "An electrifying way to study enzymes!" given by the research team of BIP6 (team of Christoph Leger)  introduced the members to the wonders of electrochemistry (Artwork by Julián Bulssico).