On this page we like to share some visual impressions of what the Junior Scientist Microbiology Meeting in Marseille conference and association stands for.

The JSM3 committee of 2021/2022

Poster presentation during the JSM3 2022

Communication between Industry and students

Talk Prize winner Julian BULSSICO (LCB) for his great presentation on "Single-phage techniques to study waves of phage epidemics in the presence of antibiotics."

Poster Session has started!

Stand of the sponsor Grosseron

This artwork by Annalisa Pierro, PhD student at BIP, is even since it's conception in December 2019 the official logo of the AperoTalk series.

For young researchers to present their work in front of a large audience is a major skill to be aquired. @JSM3 2018

Poster of the JSM3 2018 - The Scales of Science

With the title "How to get away with (bacterial) murder" started Julián Bulssico, PhD student at LCB the digital AperoTalk series during the Covid pandemic.

This artwork by Annalisa Pierro, PhD student at BIP has been used for the programs of the 5th edition of the JSM3 conference.

The contact to industries partners is quite important for the JSM3. The young researchers of today are the team leaders of tomorrow, not only in the academic research sector, but also themselves in the industry. @ JSM 2018

Each year, the JSM3 also participates in the "Primterm de Association (PDA)" to get in contact with students at the AMU.

Every year, the torch for the organization of the JSM3 is given from one generation of PhD students to the next. With that, new perspectives, interests and orientations share the scientific discurs. Artwork by Annalisa Pierro, PhD student at BIP.

Partners and Keynotes for the JSM3 2018

For the third AperoTalk ever on Giant viruses, this beautiful artwork of Julián Bulssico, PhD student at LCB sparked the interest of all IM2B members.

The first AperoTalk of the JSM3 2021/22 committee given by Romain Avellan enjoyed a great interest.

The AperoTalk "An electrifying way to study enzymes!" given by the research team of BIP6 (team of Christoph Leger) introduced the members to the wonders of electrochemistry. Artwork by Julián Bulssico, PhD student at LCB