The IM2B

The Institute for Microbiology, Bioenergy and Biotechnology (short IM2B) of the Aix-Marseille Université was created in 2019 in order to bring together various laboratories that are united by a common research subject in the study of biological entities on the molecular level.

The IM2B institut is composed of 11 Research units :

  • AFMB: Laboratoire Architecture et Fonction des Macromolécules Biologiques

  • BIAM : Institut de Biosciences et Biotechnologies Aix-Marseille

  • BIP : Bioénergétique et Ingénierie des Protéines

  • IGS : Information Génomique et Structurale

  • ISM2: Institut des Sciences Moléculaires de Marseille

  • LCB : Laboratoire de Chimie Bactérienne

  • LISM : Laboratoire d'Ingénierie des Systèmes Macromoléculaires

  • BBF: Unité micte de recherche en Biodiversité et Biotechnologie Fongiques

  • MIO : Institut Méditéranéen d'Océanologie

  • M2P2 : Laboratoire de Mécanique, Modélisation et Procédés Propres

  • MCT: Membrane et cibles thérapeuthique

These 10 laboratories represent various approaches and methodologies to gain understanding about the structure of living matter. These include:

  • Microbiology from viruses over bacteria to fungi, plants and animals

  • Biochemistry of specific proteins, carbohydrates and lipids

  • Molecular Biology and Biotechnology to decipher and manipulate biological material

  • Ecology & Environmental studies elaborate on the intricate organism-environment relationship

  • Biophysics & Biomathematics allow understanding on a more fundamental level

  • Computational Biology & Bioinformatics to gain insight into complex reactions and trait large amounts of data (omics)

In order to form their PhD students, the IM2B created the Plinius cursus which is an international PhD program dedicated to the PhD students of the institut. This programme brings together various training courses (scientific or transversal) and seminars which will prepares you for an international career!

Note that each Phd student of the IM2B have to do 50 hours of training in the Plinius program.

More information can be found on the website of the IM2B:

More information about the doctoral program Plinius-cursus: